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2019 Berlin Principles on One Health

Africa One Health University Network (AFROHUN)

Bat OneHealth

One Health Commission

     · Events listing

     · “...a globally focused organization dedicated to implementing One Health and One Health

       actions around the world. As a  501(c)(3) organization, chartered in Washington, D.C. in 2009,

       it seeks to raise awareness and to educate all audiences about the importance of transcending

       institutional and disciplinary boundaries to transform the way that human, animal, plant, and

       ecosystem health professionals work together for the health of all living things and the planet.

       The Commission's slogan is to ‘Connect’ One Health Advocates and Stakeholders,  to ‘Create’

       networks and teams that work together across disciplines to ‘Educate’ about One Health and

       One Health issues.”

One Health Diplomacy Project

One Health Initiative

One Health Institute

One Health Platform

   · "...a One Health Scientific Reference Network that aims to

     enhance understanding of and preparedness for current and

      future outbreaks of zoonoses, emerging and re-emerging

    infectious diseases in humans and animals and antimicrobial

    resistance. This includes the ecological and environmental

    factors which drive and impact on these diseases."

One Health Student Initiative

One World, One Health

     · Unupdated website of historical interest

International initiatives

2021 Global Health Summit & Rome Declaration

Global Health Security Agenda

International Zoonoses Community of Experts

World Organization for Animal Health (OIC)

Scientific Task Force on Avian Influenza and Wild Birds


Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP)

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)

EcoHealth Alliance

FHI 360


Global Virome Project

Northeast Wildlife Disease Cooperative (NWDC)

Science & Global Security (SGS) @ Princeton University

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

     Global Health Program

Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN)

Trudeau Institute

US Government pages


     One Health

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

     Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 Program (EPT-2)

     PREDICT Project     


Journal of Zoonotic Diseases and Public Health

One Health Outlook

Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

Preventing the next pandemic

Spillover & One Health

This page includes coverage of:

     ·  zoonotic diseases (zoonoses)

       · emerging infectious disease (EID)

         · emerging pandemic threats (EPT)

           · covid-19

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