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     · Marine plankton

       · Sea turtles

         · Billfish

           · Tuna


     · Corals & coral reefs

       · Sharks

         · Marine mammals

               ~ Whales

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     · Fisheries

       · Aquatic migratory species

         · Aquatic plant taxa @ Plant taxa


COPEPOD: Coastal and Oceanic Plankton Ecology, Production, and Observation Database

Plankton and Policy

Sea Turtles

Global Sea Turtle Network

     · Global sea turtle information and supporting research and conservation efforts in the sea

       turtle community

Sea Turtle Trackers Inc.

     · organization that monitors and helps sea turtles with trackers.

Sea Turtle Conservancy

     · world's oldest sea turtle research and conservation group

Sea turtle infographic @ WWF

Turtle Foundation

     · organization that protects sea turtles and their habitats

TurtleWatch @ NOAA


Billfish Foundation


Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna

Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF)

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)

Organization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries

Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna

Partnership Program Towards Sustainable Tuna (PPTST) @ WWF-Philippines

Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA)


     · “This Web site serves as an informal framework for sharing information from tuna Regional

       Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs).”

Tuna Around the World @ Fish is Life

Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

World Tuna Day @ UN

Marine life