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General information

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection @ Carnegie Museum of Natural History



Xerxes Society


Current Opinion in Insect Science


Journal of Insect Conservation

Insect decline (& “apocalypse”)

Decline in insect populations @ Wikipedia


     · “...a community-driven project that aims to compile evidence about global insect population and

       biodiversity status and trends. Our goal is to assess the current state of evidence in the scientific

       literature regarding insect declines, increases, or lack of changes over time.”

Insect apocalypse @ Museum of the Earth

Insect effect @ Florida Museum

Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants, etc.)

Bee Conservancy

Bee conservation @ Creature Conserve

Bee Conservation Toolkit @ EarthDay

Bee Informed Partnership

Bees @ NWF

Bumble Bee Project

Bumble Bee Watch

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

World Bee Day

Xerxes Society

     Bumble Bee Conservation

     Wild bee conservation

Lampyridae (fireflies)

Family Lampyridae @

Firefly Watch

IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group

Lepidoptera (butterflies, moths & skippers)

       · Also see Monarch Butterfly page


Butterfly conservation @ Xerxes Society

Butterfly Conservation [UK]

Butterfly Conservation Initiative (BFCI)     

Caterpillar Lab

Lepidopterists' Society

National Butterfly Center (US)

North American Buttterfly Association (NABA)

North American Butterfly Monitoring Network

Texas Butterfly Ranch

Other taxa-specific information

Cicada Mania


Mosquito Taxanomic Inventory

Tick and Mosquito Project

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                   · Other taxa-specific information


     · Monarch butterfly

Arthropoda (invertebrates)