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General information

Basically Bats

Bat 1k

Bat OneHealth

Bat Week

Batlife Information

Myths About Bats comics

NPR Science Friday spotlight on "batty science"  

Opportunistic Nectarivorous Bats

Biological information

Bats of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Database

Bat Eco-Interactions Database

     · “With over 1,400 species worldwide, bats are critical components to many ecosystems as

       pollinators, seed dispersers, and consumers of night-flying insects, among many other ecological  

       roles. We created the Bat Eco-Interactions Database to facilitate scientific research worldwide  

       on bat diets and theecosystem services they provide by gathering all published, peer-reviewed

       accounts of these interactions.”

Clearinghouse for Migratory Bat Data


Acta Chiropterologica

Bat Resarch News


Journal of Bat Research & Conservation

Journal of North American Bat Research


The ScientistBats


The Bat Man of Mexico

The Invisible Mammal

Videos & webcams


     YouTube channel

     Live cams & video

Bat cams @ BWS

Acoustic information & monitoring

Bat Acoustic Monitoring Portal (BatAMP)

     Bat Acoustic Monitoring Visualization Tool

ChiroVox: The bat call library

Bat houses

Bat houses @




     · “...A collaborative, open-access, and user-friendly data-sharing platform for global cave-dwelling

       bat ecology and conservation”


     · See Agave at Plant taxa page.

Bat pollination @ USFS

Bats @ Pollinator Partnership Canada

Bats as pollinators @ BCT


Rabies & bats @ CDC


Hanging bats filmed upside-down look like a Goth nightclub

Institutions ~ Networks

Global Union of Bat Diversity Networks (GBatNet)

IUCN SSC Bat Specialist Group

Institutions - Bat-focused NGOs

   Also see geographic listings below.

Austin Bat Refuge

Bat Conservation International (BCI) [USA-based]

Bat Conservation Trust [UK-based]

Bat World Sanctuary

Global South Bats

Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

Underground Conservancy

Institutions ~ Conservation NGO bat pages

Bats @ American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

Bats @ Pollinator Partnership Canada

Bats @ MassAudubon

Institutions ~ Research

Carter Lab

Center for Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation @ Indiana State University

Climbers for Bat Conservation @ Colorado State University

Frick Lab

Kunz Bat Lab

Laboratorio de Ecología y Conservación de Vertebrados

     · Ecology & Vertebrate Conservation Lab

     · Lab of Rodrigo Medellín

     · Rodrigo Medellín BATS ~ YouTube channel

Muchhala Lab

National Cave & Karst Research Institute (NCKRI)


Smithsonian Institution

     Art and science of bats

Institutions ~ Bat-related companies, products, goods & stuff

Freetailed Brewing Company

Institutions ~ Private sector consultancies & services

     · Includes consulting, monitoring & removal services and bat-related goods

Bat Conservation & Management

Birds & Bats Unlimited

Habitat for Bats LLC

Institutions ~ Athletic affiliations

Austin Ice Bats

Louisville Bats

Transylvania University ~ Mascot Raf

Geography ~ North America

Bats for the Future Fund @ NFWF

Florida Bonneted Bat

North American Bat Conservation Alliance

     Conservation action for bats wikidot

North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat)

     USFWS page

     USGS page

North American Society for Bat Research (NASBR)

US regional bat working groups

     Bats Northwest

     Northwest Bat Hub @ HERS @ Oregon State University-Cascades

     Midwest Bat Working Group

     Northeast Bat Working Group

     Southeastern Bat Diversity Network

     Western Bat Working Group (WBWG)     

US States

     Alabama Bat Working Group

     Central California Bat Survey

     Florida Bat Conservancy

     Illinois Bat Conservation Program

     Mississippi Bat Working Group

     New Hampshire Bat survey

     New York

          Bats @ CornellCALS

          Bats @ WildlifeNYC

          Gotham Bat Conservancy [NYC]

     North Carolina Bat Working Group

     Pennsylvania Bat Rescue

     Tennessee Bat Working Group (TNBWG)

     Bat-Watching Sites of Texas

     Vermont Bat Center

     Bat Conservation & Rescue of Virginia

Latin America

Bioconciencia-PCMM [Mexico]

Brazilian Bat Reearch Society (SBEQ)

Latin American Network for the Conservation of Bats (RELCOM)



Bat Conservation Ireland

BatLife Europe


     UNEP/EUROBATS Conservation of Key Underground Sites Database

Spanish Association for the Conservation and Research of Bats (SECEMU)


     Bat Conservation Trust

          Photo library

     Manx Bat Group



African Bat Conservation

Bat Conservation Africa

Bat Interest Group of KwaZulu-Natal (Bats KZN)

     · formerly the Durban Bat Interest Group

Bats Without Borders

     · “...dedicated to conserving bats, biodiversity and healthy ecosystems within southern Africa’s

       changing landscape.”

Asia & Australasia

Australasian Bat Society

Bat Study & Conservation Group of Japan

South East Asia Bat Conservation Research Unit (SEABCRU)

Tolga Bat Hospital

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                                  ~ Conservation NGO bat pages

                                  ~ Research

                                  ~ Private sector: Bat-related companies (including products, goods & stuff)

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                                  ~ Athletic affiliations

                               · Geography

                                     ~ North America

                                     ~ Latin America

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                                     ~ Africa

                                     ~ Asia & Australiasia

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