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     · General information & news

       · Films

         · Governmental US-Mexico cooperative arrangements

           · Nongovernmental US-Mexico institutions & initiatives

             · Border regions:

                     · Organized geographically, moving west-to-east along the USA-Mexico border

                   ~ San Diego-Tijuana

                   ~ Colorado River

                   ~ Sky Islands

                   ~ Chihuahuan Desert

                   ~ Rio Grande/Rio Bravo

                   ~ Gulf of Mexico

Subpage: Sonoran Desert

Also see: Regional geography of migratory species

General information & news

Articles on US-Mexico border wall @ The Conversation

Border wall @ Defenders of Wildlife

Border Wall System FAQs @ US Customs & Border Protection

No border wall @ Center for Biological Diversity

Texas-Mexico border wall @ UT School of Law

Borderlands @ iLCP

Borderlands Story Map @ ILCP

Embattled Borderlands @ Center for Biological Diversity

Fallas Paredes (Faulty Walls)


     Special reports

Mexico @ USFWS

US-Mexico border @ Aljazeera

US-Mexico border @ Baker Institute for Public Policy


     Mexico-United States border wall

     Trump wall


Ay Mariposa

The River and the Wall

Governmental US-Mexico cooperative arrangements


     · English: International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC)

     · Spanish: Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas

     · “Established in 1889, the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) is responsible for

       applying the boundary and water treaties between the United States and Mexico and settling

       differences that may arise in their application. The IBWC is an international body composed of the

       United States Section and the Mexican Section, each headed by an Engineer-Commissioner

       appointed by his/her respective president. Each Section is administered independently of the other.

       The United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) is a

       federal government agency and is headquartered in El Paso, Texas. The USIBWC operates under the

       foreign policy guidance of the Department of State. The Mexican Section is under the administrative

       supervision of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is headquartered in Ciudad Juarez,

       Chihuahua, Mexico.”

     Wastewater Treatment Plants

Border 2020

US-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue (HLED)

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

    · Three LCCs cross the Mexico-US border.

Permanent Forum on Binational Waters

U.S. FWS Wildlife Without Borders - Mexico Program

U.S.-Mexico Border Field Coordinating Committee

U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Southwest Consortium [Center] for Environmental Reseearch Policy (SCERP)

    · 1990-2003

     · Description at IRSC

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Nongovernmental US-Mexico institutions & initiatives

Borderlands Project

Borderlands Restoration Network

     · Formerly the Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute

Cuenca Los Ojos

Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias (IRSC) @ San Diego State University

Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center @ Southern Methodist University (SMU)


Border regions

Tijuana-San Diego

Tijuana River Watershed Binational Vision Project

Colorado River

The Colorado [book and movie]

Colorado River Basin @ TNC

Coyote Gulch

Hardest Working River in the West: A StoryMap Exploring the Colorado River Through Data

Map of the Colordo River Basin @ Lincoln Institute

Protecting the Colorado River @ WRA

Sky Islands

Sky Island Alliance

     Sky Island interactive map

Chihuahuan Desert

Chihuahuan Desert @ WWF

Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute

Rio Grande/Río Bravo

El Carmen @ CemexNature

Rio Grande Alliance

Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Project

Peregrine Accelerator for Conservation Impact @ Salazar Center for North American Conservation

Gulf of Mexico

     · Notably, several initiatives below focus solely on the USA portion/area of the Gulf of Mexico.

Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ)

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP)

Gulf of Mexico Alliance

Gulf of Mexico Foundation

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council - US

Gulf of Mexico Foundation

Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem @ GEF

Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies @ Texas A&M University

Healthy Gulf

Mexico-USA transborder conservation, including border wall issues