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       · Transborder regions:

              ~ Andes

              ~ Andes-Amazon-Atlantic Pathway

              ~ Amazonia

              ~ Gran Chaco


Red Sudamericana de Conservación Voluntária

South American Camelid Specialist Group (GECS)

Transborder region ~ Andes

Consorcio para el Desarollo Sostenible de la Ecorregion Andina (CONDESAN)

Transdisciplinary Andean Research Network (TARN)

Transborder region ~ Andes-Amazon-Atlantic

Andes-Amazon Conservation Corridore @ Rainforest Trust

Andes-Amazon-Atlantic Corridor Project @ Rainforest Concern

Transborder region ~ Amazonia

     · Also see Brazil page and Columbia page

2019 Leticia Pact for the Amazon

Amazon Aid Foundation

Amazon Biodiversity Center

Amazon Conservation Association

Amazon Conservation Team

Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO)

Amazon Destruction @ Mongabay

Amazon Environmental Research Institute

     · IPAM: Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia

Amazon Frontlines

Amazon Interactive @ EduWeb

Amazon Protection Plan @ Climate Principals

Amazon Rainforest @ WWF

Amazon Rainforest interactive @ CFR

Amazon Region Protected Areas Program [Brazil]

     Wikipedia entry

Amazon Regional Center, INPE (Brazil)

Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program

     World Bank page

     World Bank C4D page

     Global Environment Facility page

Amazon Watch

Amazonia: Mapping Essential Natural Capital @ Conservation International

     · pdf

     · online map

Forest Fund

Protected areas and climate change

     · WWF initiative focusing on the Amazon

Science Panel for the Amazon

Visión Amazonía [Columbia]

Transborder region ~ Pantanal

     · 169,000 sq/km

     · Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay

Pantanal @ UNESCO

Pantanal @ WWF

Transborder region ~ Gran Chaco

Gran Chaco:

     · 810,000 sq/km

     · Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil

South America