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     · Border regions @ Mexico-USA Transborder


Environmental policy in Texas @ BallotPedia

News & periodicals


     · “Environmental justice news and analysis rooted in San Antonio and the South Texas bioregion”

Texas Highways


Texas Standard

     Energy & environment



     Environmental info in Texas

     EPA in Texas

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD)

     Frontiers in Texas Biodiversity

     Texas Master Naturalist Program

Air pollution

Air Central Texas

Downwinders at Risk

Institutions ~ NGOs

Hill Country Alliance

Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Texan by Nature

Texas Campaign for the Environment

Institutions ~ Foundations

Welder Wildlife Foundation

Climate change & energy

Climate change in Texas @ Wikipedia

Preparing for climate change in Texas @ Georgetown Climate Center


Coastal Conservation Association


Mammals of Texas

Native Plant Society of Central Texas

Texas Butterfly Ranch

Texas Entomology

     Migratory insects of North America


Better Brazoria: Clean Air & Water

Port Arthur Community Action Network (PACAN)

Bracken Cave

Bat Conservation International (BCI)

     · Bracken Cave Preserve

     · Visit

Bracken Bat Cave @ FaceBook

Bracken Bat Cave @ Texan by Nature

Bracken Bat Cave @ TNC

Bracken bat flight @ Natural Bridge Caverns

Bracken bat flight @ TripAdvisor

Bracken Cave @ Atlas Obscura

Bracken Cave @ Wikipedia

Bracken Cave Experience @ North Texas Master Naturalist

Bracken Cave Preserve @ TPWD

Largest bat colony @ Guinness Book of World Records