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National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI)

Ocean & Climate initiatives Alliance

Ocean & Climate Platform

     · NGO that focuses on the implementation of ocean and climate into climate negotiations

Ocean-Climate Action Agenda

Roadmap to Oceans and Climate Action (ROCA) Initiative

Special Committee on Oceanic Research

Tara Ocean Foundation

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

     · Private Nonprofit Research and education facility dedicated to marine science     


     Because the Ocean


Journal of Ocean and Climate: Science, Technology, and Impacts

     · Peer reviewed, open access to original research in ocean ocean science, ocean technology,

       and ocean-climate interactions and impacts

Sea surface temperatures (SST) map resources

TSea surface temperature @ EPA

Current Water Temperature Table of all Coastal Regions @ NOAA

Sea Surface Temperatures @ Global

Emissions from shipping

IMO’s work to cut GHG emissions from ships

Ocean acidification: Information

International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification


     Ocean Acidification Program

     Ocean acidification educational resource

Northeast Coastal Acidification Network

     · Extensive resource on background information on ocean acidification

Ocean Acidification Information Exchange

Ocean acidification @ Ocean Foundation

Ocean acidification @ PMEL

Ocean acidification @ UNESCO

Ocean acidification @ WHOI

Ocean acidification @ National Geographic

Ocean acidification hotspots maps @ NRDC

     · Interesting interactive map with data sets focusing on North America

Marine species displacement ~ General

Climate Change Forces Mass Fish Migration @ Cleaner Seas

Climate Change Shifts Range and Behavior of Species @ Scientific American

Marine Species on the Move @ NEEF

Climate Change Indicators, Marine Species Distribution

     · Interesting interactive map that shows location change of marine species

Marine species displacement ~ Lobsters

Climate & lobsters @

Conserve the lobster @ envirobites

Species on the Move @ Inside Climate News

"Gone in a generation" @ Washington Post

"The Lobster Trap" @ Toronto Star

Select readings on oceans & climate change

     · In reverse chronological order

Impacts of ocean acidification on marine organisms: quantifying sensitivities and interaction with warming

     · 2013  ~  Kristy J. Kroeker et al.  ~  Global Change Biology

     · Explores the variety of marine organism taxa that are impacted by ocean acidification

     · Analyzes the general trend of reduced survival, growth, and development for marine taxa

     · Examines species abundance patterns for physiological effects on marine taxa

Predicted habitat shifts of Pacific top predators in a changing climate

     · 2012  ~  Elliot L. Hazen et al.  ~  Nature Climate Change

     · Explores predator-prey relationships in oceanic ecosystems

     · Employs climate models to demonstrate the displacement of prey populations and their ranges

     · Explains how these changes impact the hunting ranges of predators.

Sea-Level Rise and Its Impact on Coastal Zones

     · 2010  ~  Robert J. Nicholls & Anny Cazenave  ~  Science

     · Explores multiple factors that contribute to sea level rise.

     · Explains the impacts that sea level rise has on the environment.

     · Provides an optimistic outlook on methods to adapt and mitigate sea level rise.

Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem

     · 2009  ~  Scott C. Doney et al.  ~  Annual Review of Marine Science

     · Explains chemical processes of the ocean and factors that can harm coral reefs.

     · Explains how coral reefs have naturally adapted to ocean acidification.

     · Provides a timeline of how this problem has significantly increased in recent years.

Twentieth-Century Sea Surface Temperature Trends

     · 1997  ~  Mark A. Cane et al.  ~  Science

     · Provides a timeline of how sea surface temperatures have increased over the past 100 years.

     · Demonstrates sea level rise through several climate models that represent both anthropogenic climate change compared to natural warming.

     · Analyzes potential counterarguments to their climate models and explains why their findings are accurate.

The sea around us

     · 1951  ~  Rachel Carson  ~  Oxford University Press

     · Provides detailed descriptions of the natural beauty of the ocean.

     · Explains how the industrial revolution and technological advancement have led to harm to the ocean.

     · One of the most influential and relevant books about nature and human relationship to the environment.

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Climate change impacts on the marine environment

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